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June 7, 2017
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June 7, 2017

Alex Fetbroth – Losin Control


Alex Fetbroth is one of the most organic movers in the dance industry right now. Taking his class is very challenging but also makes you just feel refreshed. Alex’s class makes you focus on being yourself, finding your own ways to be original within the choreography.

There is such a great vibe that comes from him as a teacher which makes the whole process of finding yourself as a dancer very comfortable.

The videographer, Zev York, is a young up and coming film maker and dancer. Zev is multi-talented to say the least! You get to see a few of them in just this video. He filmed this class video, dances in the second group along side Natalie Bebko, and also did all of the editing. Definitely keep track with Zev because he is really gonna take off in his career!


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