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Legendary, confident, powerful, sexy, strong, iconic, are all words that describe this dynamic duo that is Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall. The most looked up to choreographers in the dance world have paired up again to teach their heels Master Class at Millennium yet again. This time showcasing a new Katy Perry Song “Swish Swish” and featuring their best proteges including versatile Choreographer Blake McGrath.

No you don’t have to be a girl to slay a heels class ladies and gents! This is 2017 and these two men are sexier than most women in the room! Their confidence paired with insane timing and control all make the perfect recipe for an educational yet challenging performance heels class. Every time they are together the class is packed and with energy through the roof. This particular class was filmed by non other than Typo and features strong favorites like Noel Marsh. Blake McGrath, KK Harris and Stevie Dore.

Yanis Marshall is a dancer/choreographer from France who got his big break on Britain’s Got Talent making his way to the Finals with his all male heels trio. You can see some of his featured work on youtube with over 1 million subscribers as well as millions of views.

Brian is one of the biggest icons in the industry starting the Pulse On Tour Convention and working with artists like Britney Spears and Creative Directing TV shows such as X Factor and Tours for Britney, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey. Friedman has trained the best dancers in the industry; like Jojo Gomez, Tricia Miranda, Tucker Barkley, Kayla Radomski, Stevie Dore, Jade Chynoweth, and KK Harris.

Check out Brian and Yanis’ first collab Breathe On Me w/ Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall at ML.


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