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June 28, 2017
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World Of Dance Episode 5 Recap!

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World of Dance this week brought four more battles to the stage to go head to head! As the contestants get to choose who they are dueling against, they all came in strong fighting to win a spot closer to the top!

Battling first, Diana Pombo chose to go up against The Posse. The Posse performed a very powerful routine. Using a rope, they took a risky challenge creating awesome, technical moves without getting twisted! Diana Pombo as a solo artist, moved the judges with her incredible technique, and connecting to the song! In the end, Diana won the duel.

Second, Super Cr3w dueled against Royal Flux. Super Cr3w said as b-boys, they love to battle. During rehearsal they saw how clean Royal Flux was so they rose to the challenge and tightened up their movements. Super Cr3w had mind blowing tricks! Especially the elbow spin at the end, instead of a head spin! Royal Flux is a beautiful contemporary group that rose to the challenge as well bringing all kinds of awesome tricks. Ne-Yo said it’s studio versus street. Both teams were incredible, but Super Cr3w came out on top winning the battle!

Next we had The Lab compete against the Boys of Temecula. The Lab brought a hard-hitting routine to the song “All I Do is Win,” and that’s exactly what they did! The Boys of Temecula were great as well but did not move on unfortunately.

Lastly. Les Twins chose to battle against Kyle Van Newkirk. Kyle was nervous competing against Les Twins because he’s from Nebraska, while Les Twins are internationally famous. Kyle performed an amazing tap routine to the song “Classic Man” but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Twins! Les Twins are always bringing something exciting to the table. “There is something so exciting about watching you guys. It’s the spontaneity, you never know what’s coming next,” Jlo said.

If you missed this week’s episode of World of Dance, go online to to catch up on the battles!

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