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May 24, 2017
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May 26, 2017

Notorious BIG “Hypnotize” – Choreography By Willdabeast Adams – @immaspace

Willdabeast Hypnotize propicWilldabeast just released a fire dance video today featuring one of ImmaBEAST’s very own, Julian Deguzman.

You will find these two dancers just having fun with the music and freestyling. Some of the best entertainment is from people enjoying themselves and it’s clear that Will and Julian had a great time with this piece.

Will said that for this video he just wanted an, “organic freestyle,” nothing big and flashy. He just wanted to have some relaxed fun in the studio. Both of their musicality and creativity give off great vibes. With a song like this, how can you not have fun!?

Check out some of Will’s other fire choreography filmed at IMMAspace!

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