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June 25, 2017
Loved Like An Animal
June 26, 2017

Stoppa – What’s The Word | We Are One in Shanghai China YAK ft Skitzo Waydi Bouboo Neguin Hong10

Supreme Republic Entertainment and DanceOn join forces with Houston rapper Stoppa for #Whatsthewordchallenge. Rapper Stoppa released a new single “Whats the word” now available on iTunes who is encouraging dancers to create videos to his new single including the hashtag above. Stoppa got his start on Soundcloud making his way to iTunes and is an LA based artist hoping to reach audiences around the world with this song.

Filmed by YAK Films, go to videographer for Les Twins, this video takes place in Shanghai China showing visuals of the beautifully built city.  The video opens with different views of Shanghai including ariel views showing off its architecture as well as its culture. Then the dancing starts. This video consists of some of the best freestylers in the world.  Featured dancers include kitzo, Waydi, Bouboo, Diablo, Roshka, Nelson, Marvin, Shigekix, Neguin, Hong 10, Majid, Benji and more! Showing off what they do best yet still vibing and having fun, this video will definitely make you want to jump through the screen and join in. The vibe is stress free, chill, and fun. Ending carefree dancing for people in the airport while they record and cheer them on.

YAK Films puts out countless of dance videos weekly and has almost 1 million youtube subscribers. Follow YAK Films to see what they put out this week!

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