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August 8, 2017
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Kyle Hanagami releases Fetish choreography on National Dance Day 2017!

About a week ago on July 29 (National Dance Day), Kyle Hanagami releases a fresh new video to Selena Gomez’s recent single “Fetish” featuring Gucci Mane. The class video highlights Kyle Hangami’s fun and signature style of choreography. This would be Kyle’s second video drop of the month followed by his Man Of The Year choreo, which was released 3 weeks ago. With only one week of the Fetish choreo release, it has already gotten nearly 1 Million views.

Groups seen in the video executing Hanagami’s piece consists of Haley Fitzgerald, Anthony Westlake, Jake Kodish, Shannon Kelly, and a few others. Kyle Hanagami expresses his admiration for the dancers and turn out of this class in his description stating “I love these dancers. They work so hard and I’m excited for you guys to see the magic that happens in class.”

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