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June 29, 2017
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O.T Genasis Feat. 2 Chainz – “Thick” | Phil Wright Choreography

phil-wright-thick-profilePhil Wright brings it again with another hype and high energy class video. His classes have so many diverse styles and skill levels so it’s very much a come as you are type of class! Phil is such a positive and inspiring person so just being around him can really push a someone to be not only a great dancer but a person as well!

There are many lessons that dancers take away from his class but one of the major ones would be character. Dance without character is just a series of movements. Character brings performance quality and tells the story. This particular combination is very “swaggy” and conversational, so in the face it’s important to keep it real and slightly cocky almost. Everyone takes it their own way but it’s easy to tell that character was a big focus in class!

The fun part about watching all the dancers in this video are seeing what kind of choices they each make throughout the combination. Although all of them were taught all the same choreography, there are different choices and forms of doing the steps seen from each person! These stylistic choices are not only made in the choreography but also in the character.If you are a dancer who wants true training in multiple different aspects then Phil Wright is definitely a teacher you want to take from!



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