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Inspired by the movie “Coyote Ugly,”
Hollywood has put together a fun video to “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce that replicates the film as a dance cover.
This video takes place in a beautiful bar located in New York City.

Hollywood truly captures the mood of “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce

Zoom into a down on his luck Jose “Hollywood” Ramos entering a bar to drink away his problems. Pleading with the sassy waitresses , Jose successfully sweet talks his way into a few shots of “Hollywood Tequila” before the bar opens. Unfortunately alcohol and sadness do not mix well and Hollywood starts to daydream “Coyote Ugly” style!

While the choreography may not be the hardest , Hollywoods’ focus on the mood and atmosphere really shines through in “Naughty Girl”. Furthermore , the smooth camera movement and focus on closeups does nothing but bolster the dancers already sensual performance.

Hollywood wraps up the video by breaking the fourth wall completely. If the end credits are anything to go by , Jose “Hollywood” Ramos looks like a blast to work with!

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