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March 20, 2017
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Feel the love between Keone and Mari Madrid to “A Simple Go” by Mar

Keone & Mari Madrid are masters of storytelling through dance. And that is very apparent here. One of the dance industries strongest power couples have paved the way for a potentially new way to experience dance. With a 15 video dance series, Keone and Mari are promoting a new kickstarter for a visual dance novel. I will provide more information below as the dance industry always needs innovation. And Keone and Mari might be the innovators the dance industry needs.

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The pacific ocean provides a somber backdrop to the feeling of hope in Keone and Mari’s performance. With clean lines and a effortless partner work, this duo pulls on your heart strings. And this just goes to show that choreography does not have to be super energetic or “big” to be interesting. Every move that Keone and Mari put in this piece serve a specific storytelling purpose.

A new way to experience dance!

Below I leave you with more information on Keone and Mari Madrids’ new kickstarter project. As of writing this article the kickstarter has already reached its goal of 45 thousand dollars, but the message Keone and Mari send out still applies. The dance industry is still relatively small , but new innovations like this are the path to growth.

Preface was only a preface. To a bigger and bolder dream. A dream to use dance as a medium between different/collaborative art forms. With Mari’s creative writing degree and our love for various art forms we never saw dance being completely independent of the different crafts. Our dream is this: An enhanced ebook with storytelling through dance.

Enhanced ebooks are digital books that include immersive, interactive, and interesting features like video, music, audio narration, animation, photography, interactivity and more. While dance videos online have become a norm in the millennial age, we hope to give dance a new home within this enhanced ebook. Imagine following a movement-driven story that’s accompanied by originally produced music. Partnered by interactivity like flipping through photos, learning a dance, or potentially dictating where in the story you’d like to go next. The imaginative possibilities are truly there.

The hope for this creative and visual novel is to have it available on your devices for download or stream. But first and foremost, we need your help…

We’ve always been very fortunate to be able to have the funds to self-produce our own work, but with something as ambitious as this, we need your help. The minimum we’ll need is 45k. Between working with different music pdroducers, our film production team, designers, and publishing costs we will need every bit of help we can get. Which is why we’ve started a kickstarter to ask for your help.

Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other video platforms have given dancers such amazing opportunities. At the same time there’s a ceiling to that route. Copyright has hindered the ability for our creativity. Musicians, filmmakers, writers and plenty other art forms are not so dependent on online videos like we are. As a dancer and an artist it’s time we begin moving from this space to think a little bit bigger. To think about how our content can be received in other ways. So while this may be a project we are producing, we have the intentions of thinking for all dancers, creatives, and collaborators alike that we can provide amazing ways to experience movement.

We need your help.

Thank you everyone for your endless amounts of support. It means the absolute world to us. We promise to continue pushing harder than ever, to deliver the best content we’ve created through this book.

-Keone and Mari Madrid

Kickstarter Link


Music by Mar
Film/Edit by Jeremy Fabunan
Imagined by Keone & Mari Madrid

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