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June 16, 2017
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June 16, 2017

JANELLE GINESTRA // Marian Hill – DOWN @immaspace // Shot by @sldeandirector

Janelle Ginestra’s new choreography to ‘Down’ by Marian Hill absolutely slays!!

Dancing alongside some other immaBEAST members such as NatBat and KayceeRice these imma dancers are killing the game.

Janelle reports that “This is a dance about a “box”. The box that people try to put you in or see you in. How do you end up in a box ? I always have to find my light in the corner of the box to guide me out into my truth. The truth that – I don’t have a box. I’m not stuck in a box, nor will I ever be okay with that. I want to be in an infinity symbol with endless possibilities. ”

Check out this new dope choreography Janelle created!!

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