March 18, 2017
Janet Jackson – Burn It Up | Choreography by Nika Kljun feat. Bolero
March 19, 2017

GREED | A Story | Told by Jade & Josh

Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ekali remix) | Choreography by Jade Chynoweth & Josh Killacky

Danced & Choreographed by:
Jade Chynoweth (@jadebug98)
Josh Killacky (@josh_killacky)

Filmed :
David Moore (@davidmooretv)

Weight In Gold (Ekali remix) by Gallant

This piece is from the heart, told with passion & intent about the temptations of worldly things, or power of needing to be loved at the cost of your freedom and soul. Sometimes we are tied so strongly to these things, even though they are harmful. Defeating the things that control us is the ultimate goal! So be Strong & Enjoy!

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