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July 7, 2017
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Cypher Cup 10 B-boy Competition

Cypher cup competitor

Cypher Cup is an annual B-boy competition series that recently had it’s 10th Anniversary this past Saturday on July 1 in San Jose, California. The event resulted in a packed crowd giving much hype to the competitors throughout the event. Cypher Cup had brought out B-boys Issei, Milhouse, and Wingzero to judge the competition; all highly accredited dancers in the B-boy scene.

Cypher Cup X had consisted of solo and crew competitions with cash prizes and b-boy merchandise. Ending in a close match, B-boy Almac takes the solo competition against B-boy Jerz. As of the crew competition, Language Of One Crew were crowned the new Cypher Cup champions beating Waseda Warfare in the finals.

cypher c freeze

Overall, Cypher Cup 10 ended in a huge success. With great competitors, amazing staff, and an energetic crowd, the Cypher Cup B-boy series remains a highly anticipated annual dance event for all breakers alike.

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