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June 12, 2017
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June 12, 2017

World of Dance Qualifier | Krasnoyarsk, Russia | Youth Division

World of Dance just visited Krasnoyarsk, Russia to check out what their Dancers were capable of. After watching these videos that they shared of the youth division champions, we were left with only one question – What was I doing at that age?!

These kids have great foundation in various Dance styles, strong acrobatic backgrounds, and some serious performance quality. And with their fun and comical themes, you can tell they still manage to have an enjoyable time – even with all of the training and hard work that they must be doing. We aren’t sure who their teachers/choreographers are, but a big high five to them, as well as to the parents.

If you aren’t already sitting down, we suggest that you don’t waste your time doing so anymore. You’ll just be on your feet within 30 seconds of watching these videos anyways. And if you have some extra time and want to stay hyped up, be sure to check the Upper Division out as well.

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