March 22, 2017
Would you have the stamina to get through this?
March 24, 2017

Chris Brown – Party | Choreography by Hamilton Evans

Man, these kids are out here hustlin’ and training. There is so much swag and attitude in these dancers, they knew how to PARTY! Not to mention this kid, AJ (Airean Josiah) has a solo in this class and he murders the piece! This next generation of kids are so hard working and talented, is there anything they can’t do?!

Choreography by: Hamilton Evans
Danced by: Porcia Hendrix, Hamilton Evans, Jenna Beltran, AJ, Nick Pauley, Chris Wilks, Darrin Little, Maddison Cubbage, Jessica Stinson, Natalie Bebko, Liv Simone, Mia Mugavero, Julie Frohman, Kelci Schuman, Molly Mars, Savannah Timeus.
Filmed and Edited by: Typo

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IG | Hamilton Evans

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