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French Montana (feat. Swae Lee) – “Unforgettable” | Nicole Kirkland Choreographynicole-choreo-headshot

Nicole Kirkland is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor in LA. Originally from the Bay Area, she began dancing at the age of 2, choreographing at the age of 16, and at the age of 20 she was already a working choreographer in the industry. 

She has choreographed for Prince, Ceelo Green, Kehlani, Judith Hill, E40, and many more. Also for companies GRV, Gravy Babies, and immaBEAST.

Nicole’s classes are a mix of intricate musicality, lots of character, and a bit of technique. Every class is unique from the rest and a dancer will always leave class feeling inspired and refreshed with a sense of growth.


This is a dope concept video by Nicole. Check out more of her videos!


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