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August 4, 2017
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August 8, 2017

Keone and Mari releases yet another breathtaking dance video!

    Keone and Mari’s new concept video to Kendrick Lamar’s DNA pulls all the stops; captivating choreography, creative setting, amazing videography and affects (thanks to Vibrvncy ), and a powerful message. Only been released for a few days, the video has already hit over 100K views and continues to rack up more numbers. Keone and Mari are seen in the video executing their choreography in matching outfits under a bright spotlight. The video features a few extras and holographic clones of themselves, nevertheless, they do not draw away from the artistic dance piece.

   Keone and Mari leaves a powerful quote in the description of this video, quoting scholar and author Michael Jospehson; “Don’t let opinions define you. Don’t let doubts confine you”. This possibly might relate to their recent loss on episode 9 of NBC’s competition dance tv show, World of Dance. Regardless of their elimination, this video is just one example as to how Keone and Mari continue to make their mark on the dance scene.

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