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June 10, 2017
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New Streetwear Collaboration from The GAP!?
June 10, 2017

Watch Aye Hasegawa & Jaja Vankova Exemplify Beautiful Isolation & Patience to “Japanese Denim”

The movement control in this piece choreographed by Aya Hasegawa and Jaja Vankova is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. From beginning to end, these two are truly captivating showing just how impressionable patience within a performance can be.

You may remember Jaja Vankova from So You Think You Can Dance, but she is also a part of I.aM.mE. crew, was a member of  America’s Best Dance Crew 6 championship crew and also featured in Step Up All In. Her and Aya choroegraphed this piece at crew Kinjaz studio, Kinjaz Dojo.

The result of their collaboration is so refreshing and unique, we can only hope there is more to come!

Check out the ridiculous talent these two mixed together to create their vision to “Japanese Denim” above.

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