Jade attacks Trini Dem Girl
March 25, 2017
Exciting season for DIOR lovers!
March 26, 2017

[2nd Place] Choreo Cookies | VIBE XXII 2017

This piece has the 3 C’s: cleanliness, character, and challenging choreo. To the eye, this is such a visually appealing dance, the clean and together movements really showed off the choreography. With so many dancers on the stage they still move as ONE. Even though the choreography and cleanliness were fire emojis it would have been nothing without the dedication to the character for these dancers. They MADE this performance entertaining for the crowd with the swag of their character. If you didn’t know Choreo Cookies before, you do NOW!

[2nd Place] Choreo Cookies | Competition
Media Coverage by VIBRVNCY
Filmed & Edited by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez
instagram @vibrvncy

instagram @vibedancecomp

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