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June 19, 2017
immaBEAST Takes Over WOD
June 20, 2017

Bera – Untouchable | The Letter | Josh Killacky

You may have seen Josh Killacky slaying combos in multiple choreographers’ classes.  You may have seen him on that Viral Justin Bieber Hoverboard video.  But have you seen his own actual choreography?

Josh is a professional dancer who is originally from Naperville, Illinois where his training was primarily hip-hop.  He attended the Chicago Academy of the Arts High School where he was technically trained in jazz, ballet, and modern dance. He later became a member of  immaBEAST.

Now, he is blowing up the whole internet with several viral dance challenges.

Check out his new video he filmed in Australia!  The ocean, the rocks, and especially the moves, were all just perfect.


josh killacky untouchable

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