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Sean Bankhead – Humble – choreography

Yesterday, Sean Bankhead blessed us with a unique and bold take on Kendrick Lamar’s Humble. Very different from how other choreographers, like Phil Wright, interpreted the piece. Featuring dancers such as 13 year old Lil Dee Dee, they murder the choreo with ease.

Bankhead moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his dance career. He is so influential and talented, that many Atlanta grooves were developed by him.

Bankhead was Fifth Harmony‘s choreographer, giving them moves that made songs like Worth it and All in My Head truly iconic. He even worked on other projects with them like The 7/27 Tour.

Bankhead has also been a part of other iconic artists’ careers and world tours, working with stars like Beyonce, Janelle Monae, Britney Spears, Usher, Ciara, Pharrell Williams, and others. He is even credited with helping Will Ferrell prepare for a dance scene in Anchorman 2. The crazy part about all of this is that he’s already accomplished so much and he’s only 28!!


Royal Rae is a talented photographer who shot and directed this amazing piece.

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