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03# Ph+ series / Quick Style – Last Dance by BIG BANG

You may know them as the winners of Norwegians Got Talent, as viral dance sensations, or as of recent, featured on America’s new TV show World Of Dance created by JLO. Quick Style is a trio of 3 male dancers that performs just as their name describes, “Quick Style” of movement. Originally from Norway these 3 dancers have such specific and controlled movement and done in such unison you’d swear they’re the same person. With movement inspired by creators like Keone and Mari this trio tells stories through their bodies beyond visual appeal.

The Quick Style stands for a way of living, thinking and to inspire. Their unique style within dance are influenced by various cultures, but mostly the Hip Hop genre. Quick Style came about in 2006 as Quick Crew because of their burning desire to dance. Quick Crew consists of Suleman Malik, Bilal Malik and Nasir Sirikhan. All hailing from Oslo Norway and spent most of their times in youth clubs. It was in those clubs which they discovered the art of dance and decided to give it a go. The Quick Style is an expression that is used in conjunction/association with Quick Crew and Quick Style Studio. In 2009 Quick Crew won “The Norwegian Got Talent” and signed an artist contract with Sony Music. Since then Quick Crew has had sponsorships with major brands like Samsung, Redbull, Monster, and Nike.

This particular video just released includes them simply dancing on set doing their signature style and switching middle mans every other section. All showing their own personalities ending with the trio playing towards the camera.

This video is described as follows “Ph+ is a series of expression of dance and movement from all over the world.

We wish to educate the normal person to see that a creation in dance wether its improvisation or choreography is still art and a very powerful expression.

We wanna highlight the people who see movement of dance much deeper than just a career or hobby, but like their voice and identity.
It awakens a feeling in people and gives them another universe to enjoy.

Dance is an universal language proven by Ph+.

– Quick Style”

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