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June 29, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Quick Style “Ph+ Series” Video #02

NBC’s “World of Dance” contestants, Quick Style, Just released video #02 of their “Ph+” series. “Ph+” was made to, “educate the normal person to see that a creation in dance, wether its improvisation or choreography, is still art and a very powerful expression.” Featuring the works of, Quick Crew, Toby Deedaran, Nasir, Santos, Suleman, and Duo Crew, video #2 is definitely a work of art.

3 members from their crew in Oslo, Norway, came to compete on NBC’s summer hit television show “World Of Dance” as, Quick Style. Their cunning use of musicality, and quick movements, has had the trio winning numerous of local, national, and international competitions.

Starting as friends part of a youth group, the three boys, Suleman Malik, Bilal Malik and Nasir Sirikhan found the art of dance and formed “Quick Crew”. In 2009, Quick Crew won “Norwegians Got Talent”, and signed a contract with Sony Music. Since then Quick Crew has Started a studio and formed a team of over 200 people called, Quick Style. The Norwegian boys have traveled consistently since their victory, being sponsored by Samsung, Redbull, Monster, and Nike.




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