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FREEDOM WRITERS | by Mikey DellaVella x MaryAnn Chavez

Mikey Dellavella and Maryann Chavez profile pictureWords from the choreographers-

“This piece/video was inspired from watching the movie Freedom Writers. Most people will try to put you in a box or push you off to the side if they don’t feel like they can take/gain anything from you. Sometimes, all it takes is 1 person in your life to push you, inspire you, demand more from you to reach your full potential, and allow your spirit to support others around you and throw shade LESS.”

The Movie “The Freedom Writers” was/is such an inspiration to many people around the world, and to put out something that is on the same inspirational wavelength is beautiful. The classroom setting is so powerful for a few reasons one being it is a place where the inspiration mostly extends from.

Maryanne and Mikey are a dynamic duo in the dance world. With all of the hip-hop pieces that Mikey puts out and how he pushes his own image/style. Then you look at MaryAnne and her Hip Hop and hip hop contemporary  pieces that she does and how amazing each thing is and different and her unique style. Having rehearsals with them are cool because you see how they piggy back off each other. These two are people you want to get to know and keep up with.

Mikey DellaVella Freedom Writers

Connect With The Cast

Song: “Marilyn Monroe” – Sevdaliza
Teacher Choreography: @Thee.Mac.Chavez
Student Choreography: @MikeyDellaVella
Shot by: @JustJaimar
Shot at: @immaSPACE x @BeastNetwork

Teachers: @abigailbrockman x @macyswaimyy
Principal: @emma_hauser
Students: @yuppeddie x @make_chantel x @djmarv625 x @mikeydellavella x @thee.mac.chavez x @adrianadios x @richiwangbang x @jenna_beltran x @theo_nly.me

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