HOT New Track from BeatSlaya & Chalice Serrano!

Ok. So listen. We are all the way inside our feels right now. We just got done previewing Chalice Serrano’s new single with Legend Da Beatslaya and… it’s just, wow.

You guys might know this team up from dance events and her song, “Swagg” that received over 80 million streams since its’ release at World of Dance with Les Twins. If you’ve seen viral dance videos, you’ve probably heard their music.

This new single, “Facade”, is definitely a big switch up from what we’ve become accustomed to and we are ALL the way here for it! Fair warning: The hook is NSFW (not safe for work) or small children. “F” bombs are dropped, but she sings it to you like, “I don’t even mind this word comin’ at me right now”. The writing, vocal arrangement, and beat are ridiculously well done. To simplify, she speaks to how we as individuals and society value things that matter way too much and ultimately, we need to let go. Like a cheerleader from the sidelines or a conscience leading you through a strange dream, she tells us all to bare our true selves and let go of anyone or anything that doesn’t support that realness. Let’s be honest, most of us can relate. Team no filter all day! Chalice’s last post caption on her instagram explained the song perfectly:

-”Facade… It might make you uncomfortable. You might experience an escape. It might be beautifully jarring. It was meant to be. And I hope it is. ”


We would love to hear what you guys think about it! The song is available for pre-release June 28th (TODAY) on her website, before it will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc. (Purchasing from the site was just as simple) Beast Network follows them and we saw that they (@chaliceserrano and @beatslayaofficial) are running a promo campaign from their instagram accounts the same day for the single and some other product announcements.